Welcome to Wingfotech!

Wingfotech Pvt Ltd, with a rich 8-year history, has been pivotal in making STEM and technology education more transparent, accessible, and affordable. Our essence is our vigorous R&D department, tirelessly innovating and creating DIY kits that not only follow current industry trends but also engage and excite students. Our commitment to education extends to prestigious collaborations, having conducted workshops in over 10 Indian Institutes of Technology, showcasing our dedication to nurturing the future of technology in India.

Why Us?

Wingfotech’s core strength lies in its dedication to research &  development, ensuring the technology taught matches current and future market trends. This commitment positions Wingfotech uniquely within the industry, offering students access to cutting-edge tech education that’s directly aligned with the evolving demands of the technology market

  1. Innovation at Its Core: Wingfotech thrives on R&D, creating DIY kits that merge industry trends with engaging, hands-on learning.

  2. Expertly Crafted Curriculum: Courses designed with inputs from industry experts and IIT alumni, covering Robotics to AI, for a comprehensive tech education.

  3. Prestigious Collaborations: Demonstrated commitment through partnerships and workshops at over 10 Indian Institutes of Technology, nurturing future tech leaders.

  4. Comprehensive Tech Education Journey: Offers a full spectrum of STEM education for Grade 1-12, ensuring a deep, impactful learning experience.

  5. Affordable Education: Quality tech education made accessible and affordable, aiming to democratize learning for all students.