Explore the intersection of Robotics, AI, and Drones in K-12 education, blending discovery, innovation, and mastery in a creative tech journey


AI & Robotics Lab Setup

Comprehensive setup and customization of STEM labs, integrating AI, robotics, drones, and coding modules for interactive learning experiences in schools

Summer Camp

A fun and educational getaway where students can immerse themselves in the world of technology, working on projects that spark creativity and innovation.

Offline Workshop

Join our 2-day offline workshop on your campus, delving into the latest tech topics with hands-on sessions and expert guidance.


Live online classes and interactive modules in robotics, AI, and related technologies, offering real-time learning and engagement


National Competitions

Prestigious competitions hosted at national levels, including events at venues like IITs, to challenge and showcase the talents of young tech enthusiasts

Robotics Store

A specialized store offering a wide selection of robotics kits, parts, and tools for students, educators, and enthusiasts to support their projects and learning.

Events Conducted at IITs & NITs

Online Live Classes: Robotics & AI Unleashed

Experience real-time learning in AI and Robotics, crafted for innovators and future tech leaders

Celebrating Educational Excellence

Cultivating a global community of learners and leaders

Innovative Projects
National Championship

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Sneha Reddy


Was on the fence about signing up, but glad I did. The Robotics workshop was lit 🔥.

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